Saturday, July 4, 2009


I hope everyone is having a wonderful, long, safe holiday weekend! We started off ours yesterday with a nice long drive in the country, or maybe I should say, nice long drive from one state to anther. We started out our day with a nice breakfast at a Deli we like to go to (with $10 coupon) and then headed up North. We stopped at Scrapin Bunnies and checked out a few new pieces of paper. That October Autumn is now becoming one of favorites! Then we headed out again to Oklahoma to spend a few coins at the Native American Indian Casino's. I know if I don't put Native American, I'll hear from a few "nuts" on the subject, so I'll take care of it now. We manged to only lose a few bucks. We had stopped at the visitor's center. I always need to check out the bathrooms, and got a map or two. After the first stop, we thought it would be nice to drive across the state to our side of the highway. You see we only live about an hour from Okloma. But this time head up to OKC. It was nice 3 hour drive up there. We stopped at another Casnio, but had much better luck there. It turned out it was Men's Night and Barry got $10 in free play. We both won and had a fun time. They even gave us a huge candy bar for signing up for their club card! Next stop was the Captial. It was only another half hour. The nice thing about going on a holiday is that you get the whole place to your self. The buildings were closed, but we got to take pictures outside and we didn't have to wait for anyone to move out of the way. The last stop was dinner on the way home at IHOP. Thanks to a few winnings at the Casino, we had a nice dinner. We arrived home about midnight and we were asleep about 12:10!
We're going to Larry and Tina's for a cookout tonight. I'm trying to create a few cards this morning. I have nothing to put on ebay for this week. I have to hurry and get some done. I do have a few stamps set from SU over there, so if you think you like be interested, just click on the link to my ebay store. Bargins are always a good thing.
Have a fun and very safe weekend. I'll be back on Monday!
Hugs and Peace to all!

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