Wednesday, July 15, 2009

I'm Scared To Take A Breath

Yes, I'm scared to take a breath. I know that sounds silly, but it seems every time I think things are going along OK, something else happens. Maybe if I just sit and don't make any noise, no one will know I'm here and things will be OK! How many of you have ever thought that way or maybe I should say how many of you are thinking that way right now?!~!

Today I have a meeting with Texas Workforce. It's our unemployment office. The state rep's office we've been working with called them to help me find a job. It sounds great until you understand this agency. I've worked with them before. Way back when I was laid off with American and Barry has been working with them this last year. Yes, this is the same people that doesn't know their right hand from their left. I'm going with an open mind (what's left of it) and see what they can do. When the man called to make the appointment, he said that at least they could tell me what to do with my resume! Big Help! That's what I've been missing for applying for jobs with McDonald's!! Speaking of them, I have applied for several jobs with them. First off, they are close by and second, I thought maybe they would hire most anyone! I have to go to the WalMart store that Barry worked at this afternoon. They have a M's and the manager called yesterday to ask me to come in and take some tests at 2. Process! So, at least today I have something to do. Spending my last bit of gas going up to Denton to meet with Texas Workforce was not how I wanted to use that gas!

On the mortgage front, my sister's husband is trying to help us with that. We'll know something hopefully by the end of the week. I don't even want to think about it because I know something bad will happen if I do. I seem to have a black cloud following me and I don't want it to rain!

I was able to make two cards yesterday. Neither one was outstanding, but not everything has to be. I hope they'll sell. Maybe for not as much, but sell anyway. I have to list them later today.

I'm hoping that Barry will stay in school today. He's come home the last two days early. He said he couldn't think about his classes. Nothing was sticking in his mind. I understand. This morning I told him he better stay in school ALL day! We did speak about him having to go back to work part time. He said he understands. That's on list of "to do's"!

Well, I'm off for another fun filled day in the land of the lost. Texas is going to run out of money to pay for the unemployment our state has soon and still our Governor doesn't want to take the money!! I think all the people affected by this should show up at his place with our suitcases in hand and knock on the gate. Since you don't have a job, and no unemployment, that means no home to sleep in, the least he can do is take us in!!


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  1. I am so very very sorry. I hope it works out and you keep the house. hugs.