Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Such A Pretty Girl!

I can't get enough of these darling little angels! Tilda and Edwin are so sweet. Just like you would like to think of your own children. They never get dirty and they don't talk back! Yea, just like your own child!!! LOL! I confess, I was dreaming! The nice thing about grown up children, is that you can always hang up the phone if you don't want to hear them talking back to you! Back to Tilly. She's another image in my stash. All these images are so fun to color.
Well, let's see what's new. Barry spoke with a guy from Manpower and he thinks he can get him an interview for a job. We'll see! We're heard that story before, and before, and before. Last night we went to Baskin-Robbins for $ ice cream cones. On Tuesday they have kid's size on sale. It's a bargain I can't pass up. Tonight is Arby's night, but I think we'll skip it because it's only a free flavor ice tea for free when you buy a sandwich. I like it the other way around. I guess I'll cook. Bummer! I have the cable guy coming again today. He was here yesterday and last week as well. One of these times I'm hoping they get the cable fixed right!
I must create some cards today. For the life of me I'm not sure why. Nothing is really selling over at my ebay store. (check it out--link on right) I keep making and now it seems like everyone MUST be on vacation or suddenly my cards aren't pretty. I'm hoping it's not that, but maybe they'll all suddenly become UGLY!
I'm off to the shower before I run around doing all the things I didn't do yesterday. I have so much trouble keep up with all those things. I do wish I could run away from it all! No such luck. I have a feeling, all those things would follow me!
Love and Hugs to All

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  1. This is a beautiful card! I really think all your work is gorgeous. Keep it up, don't loose hope ;)