Monday, July 6, 2009

Monday Again!

Have you ever made a great bow and then didn't know what to do with it? I know lots of us crafters keep these perfect little creations right in front of us, just in case we find a use for it. Well that happened to me this weekend. I made this black and white bow and then had to find something to use it with. I knew I wanted it on this card, but it didn't fit. It was too big! So instead of letting it go, I worked and worked until I found a way to use it. I took a small piece of scrap ribbon and just taped it down under the flowers and then glued the bow in place. It worked out OK. Since I already had my square nesties out on my desk, I used it for a layer on this card as well. I am loving all the images that Marilyn sent!

We had a great dinner at Larry's Saturday night. After the long day we had on Friday, we slept off and on a good part of July 4. I woke Barry up to make it to dinner. Larry has a new grill and it cooked the ribs to perfection! The company was pretty good too! Yesterday we just rested and I worked on some cards. Now it's back to the regular stuff. Wash, clean, cook! I have to wash my kitchen floor since I spilled a cup of coffee this morning all over the place. They should have a way to have your coffee before you have your coffee. Know what I mean??????

Well, I'm off to do something this morning. I've uploaded a bunch of new cards on my eBay site. Please check them out. Just click on the link on the right side of this page. Take a look, it won't hurt!!


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  1. Paula - I am so glad you were overjoyed with the bundle I sent to you. I am so lucky that I can buy most of the Magnolia's that I want, so I think it is more than fair that I share my luck! Your cards are beautiful, and I hope all the Magnolia's help you build up your Etsy and Ebay stores! Happy card making! Marilyn