Wednesday, July 8, 2009

It's Been A Bad Day At Bad Rock

I wish I knew where to go to get help. I wish I had a rich friend or two, but all the wishes in the world are not going to help today. If we don't come up with some money for the mortgage, we face losing the house. It's come down to that after this long year of Barry out of work. Where do people turn? We have so little money left in our savings and I've applied for job after job and still nothing, so now what? I didn't win the power ball or mega millions. I didn't even play. If I had a $ I'd spend it getting food. I'm trying at a lost as to what to do now. We just have nothing left in the tank at this point. I know my readers are probably tried of hearing about my troubles. I'm tried of it too! I want happy days back. I want to be able to afford a Big Mac. I think I'm starting to sound like the kids when they were little. I WANT, I WANT! I just want a break. I now have reached the end of my road and don't know where to turn now. It's so little we need to pay the mortgage, but so far to go. When did $2600 sound so HUGE? When Barry was working and I was getting good money for my cards, we could keep up, but now....
Enough of my troubles. They won't go away, no matter how much I write about them. I did have a bit of good luck. Barry had to have a haircut yesterday. After over 3 months, he was looking too bad to even go on a job interview if one came calling, so we broke down and got his hair cut. The same lady has been cutting his hair since we moved to TX in 1988. She was so young then and now she's an old married lady with kids! She won't take money for the haircut and offered to cut and color my hair tomorrow for free. I didn't just want to cry, I did. I know there are good folks out there still. Sometimes after you talk to bill collectors all day you start to wonder if there's a decent person around. I have been so blessed with kindness from friends and friends I've never even met that I know no matter what happens we be OK. Maybe that's just a pipe dream, but today it's all I have.
Did you like the card? It's from a My Favorite Things set I got last month. I used my winning Gift Certificate from the fall to finally get a fun set. The paper is SU from last year. I still love it.
Well, I guess that's all my troubles for today. I'm sure tomorrow will present another set before I know it. Please keep us in your prayers and if you have the winning lotto numbers, kindly share with us!
Hugs to all!

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