Friday, July 17, 2009

Sittin' On Top of The World

At least Tilda is sitting on top! Me, not so much! At least it's Friday. That being said, it's only 8:30 in the morning and that leaves a lot of the day yet to go wrong! I tried to work on cards this morning and I'm out of blades for the cutter. The one I have now is tearing up the edges of the paper. Not a pretty look when you don't want the shabby look! I'm waiting until J's opens up at 9. I have a 50% off coupon and thought I'd hurry on over and use it on a package of blades. Then no excuse not to create! OK, maybe one, but lose of MOJO doesn't count! Tilly is a 6x3 card and I used the tall and skinny spellbinder die. On this size card it doesn't leave much room for extras so I just added the double bows.
Barry went off to school bright and early. I hope he stays a while today. He has a bad habit of only doing a 1/2 day this week. I know he's worried about money and all, but he really needs to stay in school.
I got a call about a job yesterday. It's not one that I really want, but I don't have a choice at this point. I'm hoping McDonald's will call today. They would be better then the job I'm suppose to start on Monday. It's standing all day for 8-10 hours a day, in a production line, packing cell phones. I WANT A JOB IN THE CREATIVE FIELD! So much for creating! Well, if nothing else comes up today, that job is it. Just can't wait!
We don't have plans for the weekend. Just to stay home and not spend any money. It's sounds like a plan to me. Have a good day and hurry back. I've sent out enough email that are suppose to bring me good luck, good love, and peace, so now I'm going to wait for that all to happen!
Peace and Love to All who enter!

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