Thursday, August 6, 2009

Wishing I Could Share More

Today I can only share this card I made yesterday. I made a card for the Hanna Guest Designer Contest, but I can't share that one until Saturday, so today you have another Magnolia Tilda. I hope you don't mine! This image is another left from Peggy's batch last year! That's how big that one was. I always say that crafter's have the biggest hearts! The "miss you" stamp is from a set I found in the Target $ bin. There are 4 little cuties in there. Notice the little glass flowers? They are also from the $ bin. You just never know what you'll find there!
Tonight Evan is having his walk thru at his new home. He closes tomorrow. Barry and I are going to meet him there at 6. He's so excited and we are for him too. The movers are coming on Sunday morning bright and early. He has 2 more weeks in his apartment, so he'll have plenty of time to get the fish tank packed up. A friend of his is going to help with that job!
I spoke with the inlaws last night. I think they want to come in September instead of October for my birthday. My MIL said she can't wait to see us all. Since the Jewish New Year falls at the end of September this year, she'll almost make it to my birthday!
Let's see, what else is new? Barry was called about jobs yesterday. That was a nice change. Not that he thinks either one is for him, but it was still nice to get a phone call about a job. Last night he re-read one of his books from an earlier class and now he thinks it will make more sense to him. I sure hope so. I was hoping he'd get to the end a little faster then this, but he'll make it on his own time I'm sure.
No goodies for me in the mail yesterday. I was disappointed after getting RAK's in the mail for the two days before that. Oh well, everyday can't be perfect or can it?
I'm off to the shower and then the post office. I've posted some new cards on ebay this morning and hopefully I'll be making another trip to the PO soon!
Hugs and Love to All who enter!


  1. cute card lovely bow.Rosh Hashana is on September 19 Paula ,that's very soon.