Saturday, August 15, 2009

My Final Hanna Project!

Today's the Day! Yes, thankfully, it's the last of the Hanna Guest Designer Contest entries! We were suppose to make a 3-D project and this is mine. I used a bottle of bath salts with a fun topper and then added a gift "pillow" made using a template that I have had for several years. The little gift card attached is 3x3. I punched out a hole in the front of the card so you could see the Riley in the bathtub. I hope it's an OK set. It was such a hard project for me to think up!
On a happier note, my MIL is doing a bit better. We talked to Barry's Dad last night and he said that she is going to have the pacemaker replaced on Monday. Then she'll be in the hospital for about a week. Then they want to have her go to a rehab center for a month. My FIL is very upset about that one. They don't have insurance! It makes me want to scream! They need the help that the government can give them, and I'm sure they'll get it, but what we really need in this country is better health care for everyone! Not wing-nuts going around the country trying to scare people, but a serious talk about what we need to take care of all the people out there! I better not get started or I won't be able to stop. I'm just so tried of people saying they don't want a government run health care program and they aren't willing to give up their Social Security! Oh please---Stop listening to the Sarah's and Rush's of this world. There isn't a Bad Man behind every door! ENOUGH SAID!
We're headed off to the ballpark to use up the last of our tickets we got as a gift from the kids. We're getting tickets for the boys so they can join us at the last game of the season in September. I love spending time with the boys.
Have a great day and hurry back!


  1. Love the packaging Paula! And I'm happy to hear your MIL will be A-ok soon. Good luck!!