Friday, August 7, 2009

It's Friday!!

I love the beach! Can you tell? We used to live in Tampa and the water was so close. We had a nice pool in the backyard and the beach was about 10 minutes away. Ok, so you couldn't swim in the pool in the summer during the day. The water was too hot, but so nice in the evening! When I made this card yesterday that's what I was thinking about! I used parts of several old SU sets. I have two different ones but I don't have a clue what stamps go with what set anymore. I've mixed and matched for so long! The chair is stamped in the new ink color from SU. Part of my RAK. The paper is from Cosmo. Did you like the little red crab?

Last night we went and did the walk through with Evan. Today is going to settlement. His house is a really, really nice starter home. 4 bedroom and nice yard. It's old and needs some improvements for sure, but nothing he can't get done with a bit of money! He just called to say the house is his now! He's 34, single and owns a home. He drives a nice car and he's not Gay. Anybody got a nice daughter who wants to live in Texas!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well, I'm off to finish up a special order for Marla. She missed some cards on ebay yesterday. No problem!

Don't forget to come back tomorrow bright and early for my Hanna Stamps Design Contest Card #2. She's a real beauty!

Have a great evening!



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