Monday, August 17, 2009

Do you love Lulu? She's a new addition to my stamping children. This is a Stampin Bella Ketto stamp. I think she's too cute by far! I have had a box of tiny little saying from Hero Arts for years and years and keep going back to them time and again. I think this was one of the first sets of Hero Arts I got many years ago. I've added a few more stamps since then!

I'm beginning to think my cards are unloved. In the last two weeks I've sold about a half dozen cards at my ebay store! Where is everyone or have my cards suddenly become so darn ugly that people don't want to buy them? I'm at a loss as the cause of this problem. Do you sell cards? Is this happening to you too? I don't want to spend anymore money buying fall and holiday papers and stamps if this is going to be the way it is. I NEED to sell more then 6 cards a week just to pay for my own needs! Forget eating! I'm hoping it picks up soon. The good news is that I've gotten some really, really great new customers in the last few months and I hope they will continue to support my habits!

We had some good news about my MIL last night. Barry's Dad called to let us know that Annette had a good day and was feeling about 100 times better then the day before. She was able to eat some and even sat up at the end of her bed. I guess she'll be feeling bad again by tonight. She's having the pacemaker surgery this morning around 9 AM. I'm praying every thing goes well. I don't know how my FIL would handle it if anything were to happen to her. She's the rock in the family. At least Barry's brother Don is with him today. He drove up on Saturday with his GF. His other brother is coming up later today. That gives Barry some peace of mind.

Today I have to go to Evan's house. He's got some new things coming today, but he had to go back to work. Mom can always be counted on! I'm trying to get a little house work done (very little) and some wash before I go. Maybe I'll get a little card making too.

Take care everyone.



  1. I love this new card! I think your cards just keep getting better and better! You are too hard on yourself.

  2. Paula, this card is so adorable! I have to agree with Marla...your cards just keep getting better & better! I love visiting your blog! Always a source of inspiration! Keep'em coming!