Wednesday, August 26, 2009


I'm sure Fall is in the air, somewhere, just not in Dallas today! It's going to be another hot one for us. 99 plus! We're usually on the "plus" side of the temps! It's OK, Fall will be here soon enough. As much as I love the summer, I do think Fall is my favorite time of the year. I love the warm colors and the fresh apples. We're from Maryland and we used to drive up to the mountains and bring back so nice fresh apples by the baskets. We were lucky if we had any by the time we reached home! I have a lot of nice memories of those days. Now I can't get my "boys" to go for a ride anymore! I'm lucky that Barry likes to drive and a "ride" can be anything from a few hours to a few days with him!

The card I'm showing today was made using an old SU set of stamps. I bought it from eBay this summer for a very good price. I really love the apples and the set has a great pumpkin too. The only stamp I'm not sure about in the set is a Sunflower. I love those type of flowers, but it's a bit funky for a stamp. I have to play a bit with the image before I can say it's ready for prime time card making! I used some fun, fun paper that I got from Emily's store when my friend Gretchen took me there. It's been hanging around my stash for a while now, and cried out to me yesterday. It's a little busy, but I think it works well with this card. Notice the dew drops? They are from a set of Halloween colors!

Today I have to work on cards. I got a lot done yesterday but just NOT enough done! I have to get back to "machine" mode in cards. I'm working up to that slowly! Very slowly! I made a bunch yesterday and posted them in my eBay shop. They sold well. Now to make more---that's the hard part!

Have a wonderful day and come back anytime!




  1. Very pretty Paula! I love fall too! It's definitely my favorite time of year. Today it's only 70 degrees and it's pouring rain out! I even put a frozen turkey in the oven this morning. It should be done by 5:00, right? ;o) A good 'ol turkey just sounded good. Too bad I don't feel like making a pumpkin pie!~~Pam

  2. Love those apples on your card today, Paula! I'm right there with ya about Fall. Today here in PA it is 92 degrees but i'm really hoping Fall is right around the corner. It's been horribly hot & humid here! Anyways, keep making those apple cards..their beautiful. The orchards here already have apples coming in....Mmmmmmm!

    Have a great day & Stay cool down there!