Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Have I Said I'm Tried?

I hate the end of the month! Bills come due that are so hard to pay. Bill collectors get crazy with their phone calls and still there are NO jobs! I feel like I'm on a roller coaster some days. One day good, the next day, not. I've tried not to turn the news on so much either. That's hard because we're news junkies at our house. But that's not helping my stress level one bit! I go off the deep end when I hear the wing-nuts on TV talk about the health care issues! I wish I could say to them---walk in my shoes for the last year without health care! Figure out how you're going to pay for the pills you need to stay healthy and how to keep food on your table! I know that there are many people who are just so Happy with their health care. Well so were we when we had it, but everyday things are a changing! Tomorrow the job that you have today may be gone---then what? If you plan on Cobra for a family and paying for it with your unemployment check---forget it! You can't have both! I know this for the truth! You know that big wonderful government run program called Social Security? Not one person took me up on my offer to give them the papers to opt out of it---so much for BIG GOVERNMENT not working! It's a life saver for many Americans! What would my in-laws have done without it? Like I said---I'm tired!

Enjoy the Fishing Riley! He's always having a good day!


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