Sunday, August 16, 2009

Sunday, Sunday

Thank you for taking the time to check out my contest posting yesterday. I know it wasn't a winner, but I did have fun doing all the projects and meeting new crafters. That's really what counts.
Check out my new hottie Riley. He's my hero! I have so many of these moose stamps and I'm always saying the next new is my favorite, but he really is a treat! I used some new BG papers to create this card. It's made using a Verve layout that I really liked. I think it's the circles that are very pleasing to the eye that I find so fun to work with. Who knows, I just like it!
Barry took me for a ride yesterday. We went to the Ballpark In Arlington to get the last of our free tickets for the Rangers Games. We had already gotten our tickets for the last home game of the season, but we invited the boys to come to the game with us, so we had to go get 2 more tickets. We also got tickets for a Sept 12 game. It's a Lion's thing as well. The tickets in the section that they are going to sit at was $25 per ticket, way too much for us, so we used the last of our free for us tickets and are sitting in the upper deck instead. We really enjoy the gift of the 10 tickets from Larry this year. It was a great idea. I hope they'll do it again next Hanukkah!
After that Barry took me to the LSS not to far from the ballpark. There was lots of new papers but since I have the $30 credit at the store I did some design for, I'd rather spend it there. I did buy a new Ketto stamp. The store is carrying the Bella's and she's going to get in MFT as well. I can't wait to ink up my new little girl!
We don't have anything planned for today. Lay low and rest up for the week ahead. MIL is going to have the pacemaker replaced tomorrow and Barry has school all week. I'm headed to Evan's new house to wait for the refrigerator to come tomorrow since he has to go back to work. I need to start work on some holiday cards this week as well. Some many plans. Now to see if any happen!
Have a great day and hurry back.
Hugs and Love to all who enter!

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