Tuesday, August 18, 2009

I love how this card turned out! Sometimes my brain just can't seem to get an idea out and then I turn to the net. I went blog hopping yesterday and found several ideas out there. I combined the best of the best and then made it my own with my own combination of colors and shapes. This is the finished card! I used some new Basic Grey papers. 3 different papers to create this card. I must buy some more of those Plain Jane verse's that Verve has. I like how they make such a great statement on a card. For the center panel of this card I used a pretty busy piece of printed paper. I layed my spellbinder over the part I wanted to use and then just added the butterflies to finish it off. I need to make more of this. It's a great way to use up some of those pieces of paper that come in the pads that you really don't know what to do with without covering up all the pretties on the paper.

Yesterday I spent the afternoon at Evan's waiting for his fridge to come. At 3 Evan called and said there was so sort of mix up and they weren't coming, so I went home. At 4:45 they called Evan at work and said they were on their way. He left work and went home to meet them. That was my day. Hurry up and wait! Now today I have to do the wash, clean a bit (not too much, don't want to upset the dust bunnies) and find time to make a card or two. I was planning a trip to my LSS to check out all the new stuff she's got. I'd love to do some more sample cards for her. I like getting paid in trade. It's nice to know I don't have to take money out of my pocket to get a few new pieces.

I would like to say thanks for your support. A few of my customers read that I was having some doubts about my work. Was it good enough or not, and again they supported my habits!

Barry's Mom, Annette, came through the surgery yesterday just fine. I spoke with his Dad afterwards and he said she was doing good. I'll call him again today and check. That was such good news.

I'm off to the race now. Have a wonderful day!

Hugs and Love to all who enter!



  1. Glad to hear your MIL came thru the surgery ok. What a blessing!
    Your card is so adorable! I don't own any of the Verve stamps but I think I soon feel an order coming up! I love all their sayings and this one looks fabulous on your card with the butterflies! Nicely done!