Sunday, August 9, 2009

Tina's 40th Birthday Party

This is a picture of my honey and I at Tina's party on Saturday night. Her sister Dani must have snapped it because she was in charge of the camera! You can hardly see that I'm wearing the tomato sauce from the meatballs. I mean, what's a little extra food on your chest? It happens to me all the time! The party was a great hit. She was surprised at all the people that showed up to celebrate with her. A happy evening for all. Today Justin when to Vegas to visit his Dad for 2 weeks. He'll be there for his 19th birthday. We'll have to celebrate that when he comes home. Madelyn told me last night that she wished he didn't have to go. I tried to explain to her that he needs to see his Daddy and his other Grandma. She understands in a way that only a 6 year can.
Today was moving day for Evan. The movers came to his home and packed up all his stuff. On the way to this new home they stopped for his dining room set that I was storing in my studio along with a twin bed we gave him for one of his rooms.
Barry and I went for a ride to a scrapbook store we had never been to before. It's about 60 minutes from Dallas, but it was a nice day and we needed to ride. I wanted to go and he was a sweetheart and took me. I found several pieces of brand new My Mind's Eye papers. We don't have any stores in our area that carry that line. I love the richest of color and texture their paper has. I should be able to made lots of new car. Yea, sure!
Thank you all for stopping by and checking out my cards for the Hanna Stamps contest. Now to think of something to make for next week!

Hugs and Love to all!

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  1. A really nice picture of you and your hubby! It's nice to see who your other half is! ~~Pam