Sunday, August 30, 2009

Lotto Crazy

I know, Mr School Book Riley Guy doesn't have anything to do with the Lotto, but I made this card on Friday and thought I'd share it any how. Fun paper? YES! I can't believe I never inked up this Riley, but somehow it was still a Virgin stamp. NOT anymore!

Back to the Lotto---we all heard how much the Mega Millions was this past week---didn't we? Yes, you heard right 333 MILLION dollars! NO I didn't win the prize. I did have 3 numbers. Too bad they were on 3 different lines, but if you don't play, you can't win anyway. Back to the Lotto (once again). I have been feeling lucky all week. The good Lord only knows why, because nothing in my life seems to have anything to do with "good" luck lately, but I thought "why not"! I had Barry take to get a lotto ticket yesterday. In order to save you the holding breath kinda thing, I didn't win the Lotto. I didn't even have any of the numbers that were picked, but I was a winner just the same. I bought a scratch off and won $10! 9 if you want to be picky about the $ it cost to buy the ticket, but money never the less. I also thought I had gotten a ticket for the Lotto for last night, but it seems in all my talking with the guy selling, I got a Mega Millions ticket for next week. Well I just had to go back and get the lotto numbers (remember I was feeling lucky), so last night my dear sweet hubby took me back. That's when I got the ticket with no winning numbers, but I did buy another scratch off and guess what---I won another $2! Now I know I'm on a roll of good luck!!

So that was a very long story, but a happy one! We also went to the LSS yesterday. I love getting those emails that say NEW stuff is in---hurry on over before it's gone! Barry, on the other hand, is not thrilled by this type of email. He said that my Saturday "little" rides make him very tired! They make me very happy! I didn't get much, that darn money thing again, but I did get a few new pieces of Cosmo Cricket. SO pretty!

Today is another lazy day. I'm going to work on some projects that have to get done and try to make a few cards to send to Barry's Mom this week. I'm trying to send along a card every other day. The boys are doing the same thing. We've added some pictures in a few of the cards. That way she'll have pictures of the kids to look at. If you'll like to help cheer this wonderful woman up, I'd love to share her address with you. Please email me if you can share a card.

Have a wonderful Sunday!

Love and Hugs to all who enter!


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