Sunday, September 30, 2012

It's Sort Of Fall!

It's a bit cooler today and the it's raining outside, so it does feel like Fall is on it's way. Now we live in Texas, and it could change any minute, but at least for today, Fall is in! I have friends coming at 10 to eat brunch and play in creation station. I'm so excited! It's been so long since I created in my home with friends. I have bagels and cream cheese, Swiss cheese, juice and lots of other goodies to snack on. Can't wait!
Yesterday was Evan and Mandy's last shower before the wedding. It was nice, but small. I wonder if the rain kept some of the people from coming. Oh well, their loss. The kids got some lovely gifts and gift cards from Bed, Bath, and Beyond. Larry and Tina gave them some goodies from their honeymoon list in Paris. I was warned by Evan not to bring a gift. We have done enough already he said. That was sweet since we're given him money for the dinner after the wedding!
Well, I gotta run and finish setting up for Gloria and Kim.
Happy Day!

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