Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Can't Wait!

My own sisters will be coming to visit soon! I can't wait to see my whole family, but my life will be complete with Debbie and Clare there!
Barry and I went to the Dr's this morning for his blood work before his check up. We had to be in Denton (1/2 hr away) by 8 so we left at 7:15 with rush hour and all. It was a good thing we did! Afterwards breakfast and then home. Barry has gone off to bring a friend of ours home from the hospital and be back by 6 to take Larry and Madelyn to dinner. Busy day off! It's Larry's 41st birthday and his wife is out of town on business. He's feeling sorry for himself and to top it off, the nice lazy dinner we were going to have, has to wait! Mad has PTA! So it's a quick dinner somewhere and then off they run. We'll make up later on.
So that's my day. I have created a card already and I will be posting it in the store soon. If you'd like to buy anything in the store, please feel free! Don't let me hold you back! I'd like to make a few extra dollars to feed my habit a little!

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