Friday, September 7, 2012

What A Buy!

I just all these fun little packages of cards to my shop for a song and a dance, well almost! YOu can't bet the price of 5.00 for each set! I am so full of cards in my storage box, it's time to clean out for fall and winter! They will go quickly, so hurry on over and check them out!
I am so thankful to be off today and that Barry is working this afternoon. I'm still in my jammies and have no wish to change that anytime soon! I had a card to make for a friend at work that I finished and now I'm out of glue and pop dots. The two most important things to my creations! Break time!
So did you watch the DNC this week? I was glued to the TV all 3 nights and enjoyed seeing all the speeches. I think if you have a doubt where each party stands that after watching the last 2 weeks, you should have a pretty good idea! For me, it's a clear choice. I have always been a dyed in the wool Liberal. Pretty proud of that fact. I grew that way and have always believed its a good thing. We are the party that stands for the rights of all. I know I feel so much better knowing these people are my side!
Have a wonderful weekend!

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