Thursday, September 6, 2012

Another Day!

I made it! I made it over hump day and now I'm on the downhill side of the week! YEA! for me! After being off for 3 whole days, it was really hard to go back to work yesterday for a long day, but I made it! Today I work 6 hours and then I'm off tomorrow. I am so looking forward to that!
How do you like the card? She's another fun image from Dearie Dolls Digial Images. She has the best work and the biggest heart! I used up some of the scraps on my desk and put this sweet card together. My shop is in VC mode today. I gave a whole package of cards to a buddy at work to look at and she keep them overnight. Since I don't know what she wants to buy, I figured it was best to take a day off the selling front!
Well, wish us luck today. Barry is doing the wash! I know, I'm really worried too. It's not something he ever does by himself, but since he wants to do it, I'm letting him!

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