Wednesday, June 15, 2011

You Mean It's Not Summer Yet!

It sure feels like summer when it's over 100 in the shade, but we still have another week to go! Madelyn and I spend a good part of the afternoon cooling off in the pool yesterday. Of course that was after we went to Michael's and Joann's! We picked up a few new crafting tools. I had money on my Mother's Day gift card that the kids gave me, and after a trip down crafting lane, we have nothing left, but we do have a new flower punch and a neat new wave punch! Because we had a 50% off coupon, we also have a candy making kit! She's already busy at the desk making things this morning!
Barry is off today and has promised to spend the day with us. Pool stop around 10. lunch and maybe a movie this afternoon. Madelyn and I play it very lose.
So, anyone out there got any ideas on how to sell my tiny little masterpieces? I have tons of new cards in my store, and there they sit! I really would like to sell them so I can add more, but I think I'm missing the boat on this one. Maybe everyone is out of town and just waiting to buy when they come back! Yea, that's it!
Have a good day.

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