Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Wake Up America,,,

And smell the coffee! It's early again. Maddy is on her way over with her Daddy to spend another fun filled day with Grandma! We had a great time yesterday. We spent 3 hours at the pool-lots of water play, lots of food, and most important, lots of fun! Barry got called into work to fill in, so I had her the whole day. She made a card for Poppie, my FIL, made a card for her best bud, and hardly touched her IPod. We took lunch to the pool with us in the cooler, so at least I was able to dry out a little. Late in the day we went to the frozen yogurt place and finished off the day with more sweets! She has her daddy's sugar tooth!
Do you like the card? It's a little different for me. You know I'm always trying to get that vintage look. It may not be perfect, but it was fun to make. If you're interested in some images like these, email me at prbloom@aol.com and I'll share with you.
Gotta go now and get ready for my girl. Grandpa doesn't have to be at work until 10, so I'll let him sleep a bit longer.
Love you all,

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