Thursday, June 9, 2011

Gone Fishin!

I just think this card came out so perfect! Bright, fresh, and full of fun! It's a ClaireKay digi image. I used some cheery digi papers and instant card!
It's been a few long days at our zoo. Yesterday I went to the doctors for my 3 month follow up. They are upping the amount of the blood pressure meds. Not strong enough, and they are going to do some more blood work tomorrow. It's official, my knee is torn up! Keep treating it with hot and cold and only WALK in the pool. No kicking!
After the doctor we did some food shopping at Wally World. Since it was only 99, we had to come home and put the food away. Too bad! Lunch and then off again. I talked Barry into taking me to the Lss about a half hour from us. Then it was fault that the battery chose to die in the car! We knew it was going and with the heat we've had in the last week, it's time was now! We got a jump start and then drove straight back to Wally World for the battery! Needless to say, I am broke again! Don't you feel that it's the story of your life. Money today and gone in an hour or so! I have to look at the bright side, we have good eats in the fridge!
Well, I'm going back to work on some more new cards for the Etsy store. Barry is working this afternoon. Tomorrow we have Madelyn coming for the day, so not much gets done. Barry is working all weekend at both of his jobs, so I've got high hopes for creating!

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