Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Some Goodies for Sale In My Store!

It's so darn early in the morning, but Barry had to be at work at 9 and drive in rush hour to get there, so here I am, not so bright and shinny! I have had one cup of coffee, but in need of some more for sure. I'm posting a few of the things in my Etsy store that need new homes. I know that money is tight with everyone, but I still am going to try and make a go of my little store. It's getting harder and harder and I have to admit, I'm not feeling good about it anymore, but at this point, I just keep pushing on! It's coming down to eating or putting gas in the car again this week. Payday isn't until Friday and can't make both work until the end of the week. I keep counting dinners in the freezer, and pray a lot! How can a country so big and wonderful as ours is, be like this??? It's a question I ask all the time and what is the answer. It can't be to forget about the poorest among us and any health or welfare they need, can it? There has to be answer and answer has to be just for all, not just the few! We pay taxes, and then more of my tax money is going to help gas companies---something smells in BIG BUSINESS!

Well, now that I've gotten my soap box item out of my system today, I still don't feel any better, and I still have the same problems of trying to figure out how to keep going this week, but at least it's sunny out and I have coffee left in the pot!



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