Sunday, June 12, 2011

Happy Days!

This card turned out just like I planned! Oh yea, I never really plan on a layout until I start working on cards--I forgot! Well, I did have an idea rolling around in my head, but it was for another image, and since I couldn't remember that idea, I started with another one! Isn't this a fun "guy" card? Why yes it is! The image is from last year with I was with Whimsie Doodles DT and it's still one of my favorite. I teamed it up with some nice "manly" digi papers---instant card (one hour later!)!
Today Barry is working again all day. 9-3 at the first place and then 4-8 at the one near home. It leaves me lots of time to create. Don't ask what, but something has got to pop into my head!
I'm making a nice easy dinner since it's not until 8:30 tonight and the Mav's game will be on. I'm doing Chicken Salad. I pan fry the chicken breast, let them cool, and then chop with up with onion and away we go!
What's for dinner at your house?

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