Wednesday, June 29, 2011

This One's Still Left!

I can't believe I finally made it to the morning! I was up half the night trying to figure a way to make until Friday! It seems like I'm trying what I can, and it's still not working! How much can I keep adding to my Etsy store without sales? Of course that was my question all through the night. What else can I sell! I know I'm like a broken record, but each and every time I try to dig out of this hole, it just closes in again! They say money is the root of all evil. I don't it that's true or not, but it's sure coming close! I started out with 5.19 yesterday. Then I had to buy bread and milk. I ended the day with 1.48! Oh well, I know we'll figure this eating thing out!
Coco is coming to visit on Friday for the holiday weekend. The kids are going to Houston to see Mandy's family. We love having the doggie come and visit. I do anyway. I know Barry does, but he pretends it's a chore to have her. I don't see him saying that when they are both curled up in bed sleeping in the early morning! She does give BIG wet kisses!
Today Barry is off from work, so I think we'll hit the pool for a nice swim. It's good for my knee, not to mention the waist! I had a lot of pain Monday night in the knee. Barry thinks maybe a spur was hitting a nerve. Whatever it was, it was painful!
Now I have to go and have my first cup of coffee. I may need more then one!

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