Saturday, June 11, 2011

It's A Riley Kinda Day!

Oh you know what I mean, just a day to kick back and enjoy being alive! I think I need to do that more often, but the weight of the world seems to hold me down most days, but today, I'm going to float away just like Riley! He's so sweet! If you now your Riley's, then you may have noticed that this fellow is in reverse of the stamp! I stamp him out on paper, scanned him in and then did the reverse on the computer! I wanted the balloons to face the other way, so with a bit of work, it was done. See how wonderful working with digital images can be? And they can expand what you have already! Of course the paper is digital. I have a trick to work with that as well that I'm going to share. Maybe you already know this, but if you want your digi paper to be a smaller print, then just print it to a smaller size. I love the 6x6 pads that you can buy becasue the designs are better for cards, but when I first got digi paper I would print it out to about 8x8. Then I figured out if I did the 6x6, I got perfectly sized paper for my own use!
Barry is working all weekend so I have lots of time to play in my mess. I did have to clean up the desk before I started this morning. Madelyn had a ball yesterday, but she is a bigger mess maker then me!
Have a good day!

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