Monday, December 20, 2010

When I Grow Up, I Want To Be A Brownie!

Today's card was made in honor of my Granddaughter, Madelyn. She's a fresh brownie. I mean that in the nicest way! This is the stamp set that I won from Paper Pretties and it finally got some ink love this weekend. I am very excited to own this set! The blue plaid paper is a digi piece of printed paper. It's in keeping with me trying not to buy one more piece of paper (a hopeless quest, but I will try) and using up so many of the scraps I have on my desk. The red plaid was a piece of scarp.
Today we have Madelyn visiting us. Her Grandpa had her playing math games on the computer for hours this morning, so I'm finally getting to get on. I don't mind. They both had a good time. Tomorrow she's going to go skating with her brother and his girlfriend, then she'll be back on Wednesday. We are going to make gifts for her Mom and Dad. I'm at a loss as to what to make for my son. Mom's are easy, but Dad's not so much. We're going to do a desk set for my DIL. Grandpa wants one too, so will be busy. Now we have to eat a lot of canned veggies!
At least my heat is now working. $144 later that is. Since I seem to be on Santa's list, I thought I'd add a few things to the list (only the good one, that is).
1. Full time job for Barry
2. Someone to give me the Lotto winning Lotto numbers, in case #1 doesn't work out!
3. A kind, sweet customer to come and buy up all the cards I have in my Etsy store, and order MORE!
4. Never to wake up from the dream of Christmas in Maui!
Love to all who enter!

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