Wednesday, December 15, 2010


YES, it's your last chance to get some real bargins in my Etsy store! I had a really nice big sale of 2 dozen Christmas cards fall through the floor and now I've got all those cards to sell! I don't know if you remember, but I got an email from an old ebay customer in November and she wanted 24 cards. No problem, I said. Send me a money order (she didn't want to use PayPal) and I'll send the cards! Several weeks went by and still no MO. I've emailed and she said she sent it, but you see my problem! I've added some of those back in the Etsy store and marked them WAY down, so take a look, see if you'd like to have some. Shop today and I'll ship right away! The whole season has been really bad for me. It's left me shorter then I normally am and now I'm in a real hole, again! Story of my life!
I didn't make any new cards today. With more then 50 for sale, there just doesn't seem a point to it. It didn't stop me from thinking about making a few cards. I did make a fun little lunch bag that's all dressed up for a gift I'm giving to a friend at the Assisited Living Home. She's my friend Denise and she and her Hubby collect shells like I do and I'm going to share one of my pretties from Hawaii. We know an artist who makes wonderful shell dolls that hang on your tree and we have lots of them. I know, we don't have Christmas, but I love collecting them and now I want to share with them. I dressed up the lunch bag with bits of scrap papers, a lace dollie, ribbon and a MFT sweet little girl image!
Well, that's it from me today. Please say a prayer for my friend Sandy who's Grandma is very ill. Another friend, J, is not in a good place also and needs a prayer or two, and if you any extra's Barry could always use one for a good job!
Love to all who enter my home!

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