Friday, November 18, 2011

WOW! It's Friday

It's beginning to feel like the holiday's are coming! The air is cool and the leaves are falling---and in Texas we say Thank God and it's about time! After the record heat this summer, cool is very good! I'm off today and I've been a busy girl. I got the wash done, picked up the bird at my store, made several cards for an order, and even cleaned the kitchen! Don't you think I should have something special today as a treat? You know, maybe a trip to M's or some place like that? I feel that way, but Barry doesn't understand a trip to Michael's is better then chocolate!

Next week I'm off Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday! I'm going to short some hours, but I really don't care! I just want to have time to spend with my family!

I guess I'm off to do something creative again. You know, like make the bed with me in it!



1 comment:

  1. So glad to hear you got a card order, Paula. Yehaw!!! Between that and all you accomplished yesterday a trip to M's to celebrate is definitely in order. ;)