Sunday, November 20, 2011

It's Sunday Night and Where Has....

the weekend gone? I worked all day yesterday, but still, you'd think that maybe Sunday could just get a wee bit longer! Today Barry and shopped, hopped around, and finally ate some lunch! He's working as usual today, but the unusual thing is, he's working tomorrow too! He's working part of this week and all of next---nice big checks---well as big as they can be on his pay!

Tuesday I have to go to the doctors office and have them look at my eye. I've had a little skin tag for some time, but now next to that I have a puffy spot that's red. Barry is taking me before he goes to work because I'm babysitting Maddy that day. She and I have plans to make chocolate covered pretzels for Thanksgiving to take to Evan's house. I even got the peppermint sprinkles she wanted today! We will be busy girls!

I hope you like the card I've got showing today. I just finished it and I must say I'm so happy how it turned out. I collect the digi verses from one company and found the one I wanted, printed it out and then found bits of scraps on my desk to make the card work for me. I just added it and a few others to my store. Check them out!

Well, I'm off to do something right now besides craft. I ran out of glue and the craft places are closed until tomorrow. Don't worry, I only work from 8-1, so I can stop on my way home!



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