Thursday, November 3, 2011

Coco and The Ducks!

Yesterday turned out to be just the type of day I needed! I was at Creation Station (my studio)during the morning and worked on some new cards for the store, then around noon I packed up and went to Evan's house and got Coco. Ride, is the magic word for that dog! She was ready and waiting for her ride to the park! We took hamburger from Mickey D's. She loves the drive in because she gets to see PEOPLE! Then off to the park! It's on a minute from the house and since I don't want her to get tired, after all she is just a small (45lb) girl, we didn't go to the dog park! She just can't understand why those darn geese don't want to play with her! A real life toy! Oh well, we had a nice work and then I took her home.

In the afternoon I worked some more on cards, but not too much, and then Barry and I joined Evan and Mandy for Mexican food for dinner. It was a much needed lazy day for me. I think I'm just getting too stressed about selling my cards. I need to just let it happen. I know it's because I have more "wants" then needs these days and it tends to stress me out. So today I'm just going to play at my own speed and have a nice lazy day again! Barry is working but will be home tomorrow so maybe we can do something fun. It's been too long for us!

Have a wonderful day!



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