Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Happy Birthday November and Ms Hubble Bee

Coco is ready for any treats that just happen to "fall" on the floor!

Do you think it's as fun as I do? Does it make you want to jump for joy? Oh silly, of course it does! I combined some neat digi elements together along with long lost punch and completed this card in record time! It's so much fun that way!

Today I'm off work and we got lots done this morning. I was finally able to get my blood work done from last week's check-up. They ran out of the small butterfly needles they need to take my blood. It seems the only sure place for me in on the top of my hands! My other veins seem to run away---from the site of needles! Then we did some other running around and finished off with the wash, so now I can enjoy the rest of my time off this week. Tomorrow is Barry's birthday but he's now working tomorrow and Thursday. Don't want to say NO to extra hours. We're having dinner at our favorite Mexican restaurant with Evan and Mandy but in the afternoon I'm planning of a nice visit with Coco. We're off to see the ducks! She loved doing that last time!

If anyone would like to get rid of or trade for the SU bird punch I would love to hear from you. I would really like it and can't afford to spend the money right now. I have lots of things, but maybe someone would really like the gingerbread punch that's just like SU punches! Let me know if you're interested!

Thanks and enjoy the day!


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