Saturday, November 26, 2011

Pre Thanksgiving Cooking!

Madelyn was very busy on Tuesday making all the chocolate candies to take to Uncle Evan's house for Thanksgiving! Nice mess she left me to clean up! After all, a girl can get tired doing so much cooking! She did have a helper to make sure everything was good, and to see if anything fell on the floor! They had such a good time together!

Thanksgiving was so wonderful. We had a family dinner at Evan's and Larry, Tina, Madelyn, Justin and his GF all eat together.

It was nice not to work on Thursday or yesterday. Barry I didn't do too much Black Friday shopping. We stopped at M's on the way home from Evan's and the only things I bought were glue and pop dots. They were out of the B plates and any new CB. Yesterday we went to the second hand store and I got some almost new pants for work. Can't beat 2.99 a pair! I was going to work on some cards last night, but my bed called me first. So now I'm off to work for the day. I work again tomorrow for a short time and then it's off for the next two days again! I have so much to do for my store. Another Hanukkah card sold, so I have to do that and then an order for a special birthday and then more snowmen! Busy Bee!

Have a great day! Enjoy the family!



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