Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Do You Feel This Way Too?

If you create cards and they don't sell, do you take it personally? Do you ever feel like maybe you've lost something in your creation process? I know the market is soft and everyone and her brother want to make an extra buck, but really, should I second guess my work or what! I've been making cards for a very long time and I know they aren't as fancy as some and I don't always use the "latest" products, but I really like what I make and just don't understand why they aren't flying off the shelves! I really want to stop making so many if they aren't going to sell, but it's a hobby that I really enjoy. Even Barry last night agreed that I do it because it takes me to a place there is no stress, most of the time, but then I wonder why I "need" to make so many! Am I that stressed---oh yes, but today I'm going to unstress myself with a visit to see Coco and go feed the ducks! She really is so much fun to be with, for a dog, that is!

Today is Barry's birthday and I asked off for the day and then he was called to work today and tomorrow, so since he couldn't say no, I have the rest of the week to myself. Tonight we're going to dinner with Evan and Mandy at one of favorite places. I love local restaurants. They help support the locals and this one always makes everything fresh each day!

Well, I'm off to create something before lunch!

Have a good day,




  1. Paula, don't agonize over it. We all love your cards -- a lot of people just don't have the disposable income like they used to. They are choosing to eat & pay bills instead -- I generally list my cards in my Etsy shop -- then move on. When they sell, they sell. And they will eventually sell. Just keep creating -- & be lucky you have the time to do so!! I -- do not!!

    Many hugs,

  2. It's nothing personal if your cards don't sell, Paula. It's definitely the poor economy. Your cards are gorgeous! Just relax and enjoy the creating process and the cards will sell when they're supposed to.

    If you have too many cards on hand maybe you could donate some to a good cause. That way you can feel great about making more cards.