Saturday, September 3, 2011

Boo To YOu!

Can you tell I'm in the mood for Fall? It's one of the best times of the year and I can't wait! Coco has gone home, again! She spent some more time with us this week and this morning I took her to the pet store for her grooming and her dad will pick her up and hopefully she'll stay home for a few days! We love her, but the walking every hour can get to be a bit much! She drinks so much water because it's hot and that just means walking time again!
She'll be back tomorrow along with the rest of the gang for Larry's birthday. They're coming for brunch. I can't believe my son is going to be 40. I remember when I turned 40 and Barry gave me a giant button that said "this is what 40 looks like"! It doesn't seem as if it was that long ago. WoW, do the years pass quickly.
I do have some good news to past along. I finally got a job as a part time cashier at Market Street. It's a nice upscale grocery store. I start training Wednesday night and we'll go from there. 20 hours a week. I hope I can handle standing on my feet that long. My left foot gives me fits now. I bought a new pair of shoes, so I now have to take the job! It'll be ok. It came at a good time since Barry heard he's not going to be driving anymore at the assisted living home. They just don't need to have someone do it. OH well!
Gotta run and clean up a bit!

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  1. Great Halloween card, Paula!!! I'm glad to hear you got a job just as one of Barry's is ending. My prayers are with you as you train and adjust to hours of standing.