Friday, September 9, 2011

Happy Friday!

I'm sure if I could find a way to see my feet, then they would still be there, but at this point after standing on them for 8 hours, I'm not sure they are called feet anymore! Boy, oh boy, are they crying out! Today was my first day at the job and I'm beat! It's not hard, except I do have to learn the veggie codes, but other then that, it's not hard at all. Just the standing! I know I can make it, I know I can make it!

What do you think of the card? I love the way it turned out. A simple digi image and lots of ribbon and lace and I think it's a fun card! See the green check? It's from the new Christmas digi papers from SU. Have digi papers is having an endless supply of goodies!

Well, I'm off to rest up a little before making pork chops for dinner and going to bed early. I have to be back at work again at 6 AM tomorrow and then 12-8 on Sunday! More hours then I want, but we'll see!

Have a great evening!



1 comment:

  1. Just think of that paycheck, it will be worth it! Your feet will get used to it :)

    Kudos to you for still having the energy to make dinner! Many nights I'm exhausted after work & end up making an "easy" (aka frozen or box) dinner --