Saturday, September 10, 2011

Christmas Is In The Air!

Maybe not quiet yet, but soon enough to start making a few Christmas cards! Today's card uses some new SU digi paper, I love, and a gingerbread boy digi image from last year, along with ribbon, button, and a flat button charm from my stash! Thank goodness for those stashes! This card is so cute in person! I just added it to my store, and hopefully will get some more fall cards done soon!

I worked again today from 6-2! I could barely make it into my car to come home. My body is getting old. I need to win the Lotto! I have to work again tomorrow from 11-8. I can't believe a third long day in a row! I just keep thinking of the money I'm earning and how it will help out for us. Barry has said if it doesn't work out, it doesn't. I think there has to be a time when feet should be replaced with younger ones! My have reached that age!

I'm going to rest up and then think out what to have for dinner. Barry is at work until 8. I found him in bed resting when I came home. He had a long week working and his body needed the rest.

Have a good weekend!



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  1. I'm starting to feel Christmas in the air, too. Funny how we crafters are always a good season ahead of the rest of the world, huh? Your card is darling. Love the glitter accents and that cookie cutter button! :-)