Friday, April 8, 2011

Bargains, Bargains, and More Stamps Then I Know Where To Put Them!

Bargains, I tell ya, bargains! I'm trying to unload the boxes and now see the need to part with some of my treasures! It's so hard to chose. I might as well just shut my eyes and reach in and grab any old set. I love them all, but with limited space, and lets face it, very limited money, I need to clean out the stash! So these two are just a few of the newest additions to my Etsy store. I have hundreds of lose stamps and need to figure out a way to bundle them up to sell as well. It's a huge collection over many years. Any ideas? All help is welcome!

Today is tax day. Oh well, rain must fall sometime, but I'm not really ready for it. I did get renters insurance yesterday, so another thing was ticked off Barry's list of "stuff" for me to do. It's a list he's made, but mine to do! Is that a "man" thing or what! At least I had peace for the last two days with him working at his new "back-up" part time job! She's asked him to work again next Friday, but he has a doctor's appointment, but with VA, so we'll have to see if they are closed down or not!

Well, I'm off to my coffee. It's calling my name! Check out the added stamp sets if you're interested.



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  1. Oh I could not sell my oldie but goodies...I took all mine off of blocks and ordered a big roll of ezmount...still in progress but takes so much less room! I have lots of bare rubber waiting to be mounted...and you could still use them as just bare rubber...just a thought!