Wednesday, April 20, 2011

American Dream---Alive or Dead?

I've noticed that there is a lot of talk out in TV land about the American Dream these days. Is it alive, is it dead. What do you think? For us, it's not good. We've lost so much lately. We lost our home, our life savings, even our health has suffered, so being in your sixty's and looking for the American Dream to come again is very hard. Today I'm feeling a little sorry for myself. Even the "happy" pills the doctor put me on aren't kicking in. Nothing is selling in my Etsy store, I can't find a job, and Barry still can't get full time work. It's just one-of-those days when I really feel like just laying in bed all day, but know I can't. Barry was suppose to go to the doctor's for his check up today at the VA, but they called to cancel due to the doctor being ill. I think I was just looking foward to a few hours to myself. So much for that. I do have to cook and make the brisket for dinner. Larry and his family will be having dinner with us. We're picking up Madelyn after school and that's always a nice, but I still wish I didn't have anything to do. My mind still doesn't want to get in gear to make cards. I have so many examples of cards in my "saved" files, but nothing seems to get my MOJO going for long. I just have to try harder!
Do you like the card I'm showing today? It's one of the new digital stamps from Zlatoena store. They are all so cute! I think my FIL will love this one. He used to fly a plane. All the paper is digi as well.
Well, that's my story today. Sorry is I bored you. I'm feeling a sorry for myself and needed a pity party!

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