Thursday, January 27, 2011

Under The Blanets Today

Boy was I sick today! I've had a sore throat and cold all week, but last night my tummy got even with me! Of course it had to be after midnight! I spent much of the day just laying around and watching the DVR's. I had big idea's in my head, but they'll have to wait until tomorrow. I'm feeling so much better tonight and I'm getting ready to bed down again, but I wanted to share this fun card with you first. Riley is ready to celebrate the big day! Big Fun!
I got an email last night to remind me I'm do a workshop next month. I'm bringing kits to make a Valentine card up for 5.00 each. So far I have 9 ladies that have sent their RSVP. Now to make something up! I forgot I was going to do Valentine's Day. I was thinking of something more fun. There are so many new images coming out from Deedee in the next week, but now I have to think of Valentine's Day and I have to keep it simple! Yea, I'm good at that one! Any idea's or layouts that would help? Leave me a note on them, PLEASE!
Take care good buddies!

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