Wednesday, January 5, 2011


Have my cards suddenly become so darn ugly or what? I ask this question because I am really feeling unloved! I know the market is soft and times are tough, but honestly, it's all making me a wreak! I didn't win Mega Millions either! No I didn't play. Why waste my dollar, but if I had, none of my usual non-lucky numbers were involved either! I think I'm having another one-of-those pity party days! I keep making and posting cards to my Etsy store and it just makes me depressed! I need to start selling something else, but for the life of me I don't know what! Any ideas? I am open to suggestions!
Don't you just feel Spring with these two cards! I know I do. The first card is made using a Deedee's Digi's Country Heart. I printed out my digi papers on card stock, which I printed on both sides of the paper, and then just made the heart as large as I wanted it. I cut it out and popped it up! I love, love, love how this card turned out!
The second card was partly digital. The blue plaid paper and the pink polka dots are digi. The printed paper is from my stash. I think it came from Hobby Lobby. I am having the best time checking out sites online for freebie things. I've even found some neat papers for only a dollar! It's become my new hobby! Now if I could only create that fast!
Have a good day!


  1. Very pretty cards!!

    I don't have any suggestions for you - great big help, aren't I?

    My friends and family are after me to start selling my cards...not sure I want to take that on at the moment though....

  2. Aw sweetie, your cards are definitely adorable! I think as you said the market is taking hard times right now, not to mention the holidays just passed and people are as broke as it gets! Maybe a buy 2 get one half off, or a small sale or something? I'm clueless, but wanted to leave you some love! x0x0

  3. Beautiful card Paula!! I agree your cards are adorable and I think it just happens to be the time of year. Hang in there!!

  4. I still love your cards. I haven't been buying many lately as I am on leave from work right now helping to care for my mom. I think things are slow right now with the Holidays just getting over with. I am sure it will pick up again soon!!

  5. Paula, your cards are definitely still as gorgeous as ever!!! I think the market is just a tough place. So many are without work or don't have enough work, and it's hard to buy the extras when there isn't enough to buy the basics. I know things are super tight for you, and continue to pray that God will help you find a way.