Sunday, August 18, 2013

One Month and Counting!

Photo: 1 month old already!
WOW! It's hard to believe Ms Sydney is 1 month old already! She is starting to round out and it seems her hair is getting redder everyday! Evan and Mandy went out as a family for the first time on Friday night. They had dinner with Larry and his family. I was so happy that the first person they went with was his brother! Even old Grandma's love this kind of stuff!
Madelyn spent the night at our home last night. Her brother got engaged and he wanted his Mom and Larry there. His Dad and stepmother flew in from Vegas as well. She's a lovely girl. They have set the wedding for next July. Madelyn is very happy to have a new big sister with Cassie!
I'm off work as usual for a Sunday, but I need to move it along and get some creating done before the day slips away from me.
And congrats to Pam on your wonderful news! It's the next best thing to their parents and they even home with them, not you!

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  1. Thanks Paula! And what a sweetie you have there! I'll bet she's the apple of your eye! ~~Pam