Wednesday, August 21, 2013

New Daddy Evan

I am one proud Momma these days! I can't believe this guy is my son! It seems like yesterday it was his Daddy holding him! 38 years later, it's the son! This was taken last weekend when he was on babysitting duty!
Well I'm back to work a day early this week. My store called last night and asked me to come today since they would be short handed. I couldn't say no since they've been extra nice with working with me this summer with all my "needs" off! Barry will be watching Madelyn this afternoon!
I still didn't get a lot of creative work done this week. The MOJO just seems like it's on summer break as well as me. I did however, go to my favorite second hand store yesterday and buy the cutest linen shorts for 1.49! Love, Love, Love a bargain! More money to spend at the craft stores!
We have only 24 more days til Disney World! We checked in to our hotel last night online, ordered our Magic Bands, and added the Lulu for our anniversary dinner. We spent a few anniversaries in Hawaii, so going to the Lulu was a perfect way to spend this one!
Have a wonderful day!

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  1. Awwh, nothing more precious than a new baby! I'm sure you're enjoying babysitting! He's adorable!