Friday, August 17, 2012

Yea! It's Finally Friday!

It's been a long week! Madelyn has been at our house most of the week, bright and early! And Grandma is tired! I've been working as well, so Grandpa has had to share in the joy of a 9 year! A friend of her brother is babysitting this afternoon when I go off to work, so that will end my time for this week. She'll be back again on my days off next week!
I heard from my brother this week that he is coming to the wedding. Yesterday it was just him and his two younger sons. Then at 8 this morning he called to let me know that his older son and family will be joining us! They have the sweetest little baby girl and his first grand baby, so I'm thrilled they all will be attending! I don't know how is going to handle knowing some of the people he invited are really coming! I think he was hoping some wouldn't show---silly boy!
Have a wonderful weekend!

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