Friday, August 24, 2012

I Love Halloween!

I know, it's not even September yet, but I'm in Fall Mode! I'm happy to be in any creative mode these days! I've had a "power outage" this summer, but now I'm getting back in the swing! This charmer was in my Etsy store, but it's now gone too, along with several other Halloween cards. Not to worry, more on the way!
I've had another busy week with work and watching Madelyn. Today was our last day to enjoy her company this week. I go back to work tomorrow and Grandpa is working his last weekend at his 1st part time joy! He gave notice an on the first it will be his last day. He's going to make his "back-up" part time job his first starting next week. I know it's going to work out for the best from him.
We haven't done too much in the way of getting things done for the wedding yet. I still have time, and I'm sure I'll still be saying that next month too!
Have a wonderful weekend!

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