Thursday, March 8, 2012

Good, Bad, Ugly, or Who Knows!

Self doubt is a terrible thing. We should never doubt our own work, but sometimes, it creeps into my thoughts! Not doubt about my art work or my fun combinations of paper, but what am I missing when it comes to selling cards! They are priced to sell, all different types, and yet...

All that talk is for another day. Right now I'm in my studio and playing with some images and pretty digi papers and there isn't a hubby in sight! Barry has a meeting tonight, so my office is my office for me alone right now! It's so nice to play at my desk and then hop on the computer and see what everyone else is doing!

Work was so bad today! No power all day! A transformer was hit at 3:30 and the only power we had was from the generators! We couldn't sell anything cold or hot, and the customers for the most part were ok, but then there is a few!

Off to eat now and work on something fun. I'm going to stamp club this Saturday with friends from work. It's not something I usually do. I don't like BIG groups, but since Barry is working, I'm going anyway. There will be 16 and I'm going to do a demo on wrinkled ribbon! Like that's hard!!!!

Happy Days,



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