Sunday, March 11, 2012


When I paper piece the dresses on these fun little girls it always reminds me of playing with paper dolls growing up! I still love it! She's all dressed up in some fancy flower paper from my friend Amy's Etsy store again! Two things I love, paper and making cards!

Yesterday was a fun afternoon. I got invited to a stamp club get together. One of the gals I work with held it at her apartment clubroom. There were about 16 people there. As usual, I didn't make anything at stamp club. I just love to go and chat with like minded women. It's fun to sit around and just talk. I did a demo on how to make the wrinkled ribbon and gave out samples. I even sold one card. Most of the ladies are simple card makers and they really enjoyed all the "stuff" I add to mine.

Barry is working today so I have a whole day to myself. I'm suppose to go to Larry and Tina's this afternoon and then to have dinner with them tonight. We'll see. It's a grey day right now and I'm in no rush to do much of anything.

Madelyn is coming over this week on spring break. We're all working around each other's days off, so she'll be with Barry and I for parts, and her mom and dad for other days.

Well I hear coffee calling my name.

Have a wonderful day!



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