Wednesday, October 26, 2011

I'VE Been Busy!

I know I've been MIA for several days, but these are just some of the cards I've been working on! Monday I worked all day, and then when Barry was at his meeting in the evening, I got all my papers and images together to work on this week! If only things would ever work out just as you plan them, then I would have been a happy girl! As you so well know, nothing ever goes as planned! Yesterday we spend all morning doing "stuff" that needed to get done, so that left the afternoon. Barry has a friend in the hospital, so he went and visited him in the afternoon and I started creating. This morning we were up early to do the wash, and then back to my creation station! If only I didn't have so much digi papers and images, it would make my choices so much easier and I wouldn't spend half my time trying to decide what I want to use! If you have time, jump over to my Etsy store and see what's new!

Much love to you all for all the kind B'day wishes left on Facebook for me and the emails were great! I had a great day!

Have a wonderful night!



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