Sunday, October 23, 2011

Happy Birthday To Me!

Yup, it's that big day! 62 and able to get my Social Security! How on earth did I get this old! Oh yea, I'm married to a guy who is MUCH older then me and it must have rubbed off on me! Next year I'll be back to my usual 33! We're having dinner at Evan's so we can see Mandy's new ring and of course I can see Coco. She's the real reason for going to his house! I really love that little girl!

Like the card? It was made using a digi image along with digi paper. It's such a fun card IRL and the bit of ribbon and stick pin are perfect touches!

Well, I'm off to do something fun today for my special day. I'm having lunch with hubby since he has to work tonight. We're going to Jersey Mike's for subs!

Birthday gifts are excepted with love! Just kidding, but if you've a mind to....



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  1. Happy birthday Paula!! Glad to hear you will now get SS, that will help so much! My mom can't wait till she's old enough to get Medicare, she has to pay her insurance all by herself right now. Jersey Mike's -- one just opened up here, haven't tried it yet -- it sounds yummy! Hope you had a great day :)